Thursday, November 26, 2009

2nd visit with Alexandra today!


Second visit with Alexandra this trip went very well!

5 things we have noticed while playing with her:

  • She is extremely shy (at least initially)
  • She is very loving
  • She is SMART!
  • Her laugh is infectious
  • She loves books, toys, her new doll, and "high sky"

While in Kaliningrad, we met another couple from the US also going thru the adoption journey! In fact, we had a wonderful dinner with them tonight!!! Kind of a Thanksgiving dinner for two American couples in Russia! No turkey & no stuffing. But, we did have chicken and mashed potatoes (THANKS Shelly and Scott)!

The trip continues to be tremendous!

Please pray for us tomorrow! We will be in a Russian court room discussing our adoption!


More to come...


Keith & Jennifer

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