Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adoption Agency Meeting Update


For those that are following our adoption adventure. We had our "mandatory" meeting with our agency on Monday, January 12th.

The adoption agency is having financial difficulties due to a variety of reasons... The #1 reason being related to the state of our global economy.

We have been asked to pay an additional fee by February 1, 2009. The "supplemental" fee requirement is needed to help our agency stay open. They, like many companies, have made necessary cuts within their organization and approached us "waiting" families as a last resort option.

They also told us they will be asking for additional supplemental fees in the next four upcoming quarters for a lesser amount.

After a couple days of reflection, we are trying our best to understand their position and the level of stress and anxiety that they must be feeling as a result of the economic situation and the actions they have just taken.

These reflection periods have also provided us with an opportunity to THANK God for all of His blessing upon our lives. He has provided so much and He will continue to do so. We just need to continue have faith in His plan for our lives (we must admit, this is extremely hard to do at times).

As we entered this journey, we knew the road would be long, sometimes bumpy, but would end awesome! In the middle of this journey, it is very easy to get distracted by the "bumps" that come our way. We need to maintain our focus on what will occur in the near future...another miracle added to our family!

THANK God for His Goodness! THANK you for your thoughts, kind words, and prayer!

Have a great day!!!

Keith and Jennifer